"Our bookings went up significantly after hiring Rex to take photos of our North Shore Beach House and Hawaii Kai Marina Homes. Rex combines his artist’s eye with state of the art equipment and editing to capture that ‘resort feeling’ you get when one stays in our homes. His photos make us one of the most popular rentals!"

Diane Johnson, Hawaii Family Vacations

"Absolutely Amazing! Rex's pictures are truly fantastic, he makes the wood floors, stone counters, and all surfaces look great. The photos really bring out the feel of the place!"

Wayne Samiere, Turtle Point House, Hau'ula HI


Ranging in services from Architectural Photography to Products and Portraits, we strive to offer exemplary images that are of a timeless nature and usage. "Non-stylized" images are delivered for professional use. From there, they may be artistically stylized for various web or social media use, but initially, tack-sharpness, balanced tone with no clipping and balanced color temperatures are delivered for the greatest versatility in all mediums and industry needs.


Our photographs have been published in USA Today, Luxury Magazine and Conde Nast Traveler to name a few!


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While we offer other genres of professional photography, this is the primary focus of our photographic services. In a nutshell...
it's "what we do!"


Coupled with a background in architecture and 3D architectural modeling/visualizations, we are able to provide a unique approach to our photos. This results in images that capture the space in its best light. Utilizing non-traditional viewing angles and vantage points causes the viewer's brain to be an active participant with the image, and becomes more engaging—with much more effectiveness.


In addition to the aesthetic approach, our technical expertise ensures images of the highest quality. We use circular polarizers for both exterior and interior photographs. This reduces glare on surfaces enabling the beauty of the materials and textures to show in all their glory. Each image is shot in triplicate with exposure bracketing to ensure well-balanced tonal areas for a realistic HDR (high dynamic range) look. Tripods and shutter release cables are also used so that there is zero camera shake which results in tack sharp images, as well as using the absolute lowest ISO setting of 50 for the clearest of pixels with little to no digital noise or artifacts.


In a time where many are using phone photos for their photography needs, Architects, Realtors and BnB owners alike can benefit from having imagery of their homes and spaces stand out from the others with professional photos.


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Our experience with past work in this area ranges from retail products to food, beverages and bottling, clothing apparel and artwork.


The same approach is applied to product photography that is used in our architectural photography also. Although the subject matter is different, the methods and results achieved are similar in nature; to provide tack sharp images with little to no glare showing the product in its best light.


Artistic techniques can also be applied by using an extremely wide aperture to limit the depth of field, which can highlight or call attention to one particular

 part of the product.


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In essence, the spirit of our Aloha Portraiture services are "out-of-the-studio" photographs. Whether immersed in the beauty of Hawaii or at your place of business or home, we aim for the absence of sterile studio environments and seamless backgrounds; but rather opt for the environment of everyday life.


Many use this style for business profiles showing them at their workplace, or family photos for residents and/or vacationers indulging in the Hawaiian environment.


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Animals are special. They capture my heart and it's been my extreme pleasure to capture their likeness in photographs for their owners to treasure. From pet-centric events to custom shoots for your pet, we use all of the technical and aesthetic techniques as in our "human" portraits to capture the nature of your pet.


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From farm-to-table dinners to dance performances and beach weddings*, we've been there to document special occasions.


* We do not act as primary wedding photographers, but what is considered a "second shooter" that captures candid shots of guests and participants.


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Package 1: $300

Up to 6 final, print-quality images

One visit to property (Central Oahu)**; one-hour max. shoot time

(averages $50 per image)

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Package 2: $750

up to 16 images

one visit to property (Central Oahu)**; two-hour max. shoot time

(averages $46 per image)

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Package 3: $1500

up to 36 images

two visits to property (Central Oahu)**; two-hour max. shoot time for each, or one extended shoot *

(averages $42 per image)

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Package 4: $2250

up to 56 images

two visits to property (Central Oahu)**; no time limit on shoots *

(averages $40 per image)

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Package 5: $3000

up to 80 images

three visits to property if necessary (Central Oahu)**; no time limit on shoots *

(averages $38 per image)

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For larger shoots, (or something in-between packages above), rates can be negotiated.


* Packages 3, 4, 5 and custom shoots can include sunset/sunrise shoot times for dramatic skies and/or sun rising/setting over ocean for panoramas for beach or ocean-view homes.


** Property visits outside the Central Oahu area may be assessed an additional fee (to be determined) for travel times and/or reimbursement for outer-island travel. "Central Oahu" includes area from Hawaii Kai to Pearl City, Waimanalo, Kailua & Kaneohe. Areas considered outside the Central Oahu range include Kapolei/Makakilo, Mililani, Wahiawa and the North Shore communities.


Starts at $300

Contact for rates.


Starts at $300

Contact for rates.


Starts at $300

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Starts at $300

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